In order to change the "social norm" of driving impaired it requires a collaborative effort and support from various organizations.   In 2009, we partnered with the Sacramento County Superior Court, Sacramento County District Attorneys Office and the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy-Sacramento to develop a dynamic DUI prevention program to heighten awareness that impaired driving is a real problem that affects real lives. 


 In 2017, the California Office of Traffic Safety encouraged us to take our single-sourced programming statewide in an effort to impact young drivers of the dangers and consequences of this completely preventable crime.  


Arrive Alive California Inc., is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3), committed to bringing a life-saving message year-round.  In 2018, we expanded our programming statewide and now have the ability to offer a variety of presentation methods: live assemblies, video streaming, classroom presentations, safety events, youth groups, and leadership summits in multiple counties.

Fact:  Vehicle crashes are the number one cause of deaths among teens, with the primary collision factor being alcohol. 

Fact:  We are dedicated to demolishing that statistic through E.P.I.C (Education, Prevention, Information, Change) DUI Prevention Programs.  

~Angela Kellogg, CEO