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Our Goal

Our Goal: To provide a multifaceted experience for young drivers in order to change attitudes and perceptions about driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Our Mission: To reduce impaired driving by youth throughout California. The Real DUI Court in Schools Program also educates and encourages informed choices for a passenger when the driver is impaired.

What We Do

In order to create awareness and empower young drivers, Arrive Alive California, Inc. has partnered with several industry leaders to bring reality-based DUI prevention programs throughout California.

The Real DUI Court in Schools Program

Arrive Alive California, Inc. is committed to bringing young people the life-saving message of DUI prevention through reality-based education year-round.  In 2018, we expanded our single sourced programming statewide and have the ability to offer a variety of presentation methods: live assemblies, video streaming, classroom presentations, safety events, youth groups, and leadership summits.  


Real DUI Court in Schools Program – “Live”

(Ideal for large campus assemblies during the months of October-May) 


We move an actual DUI sentencing from a county courthouse to a local school.  This is a two-prong approach for educating teenagers: the legal consequences of drinking and driving, and the role and decisions of the judicial branch. Students will directly witness the defendant’s detention, imposed fines and penalties. Following the sentencing the judge will make a brief presentation and co-facilitate an interactive portion of the assembly. The intent is to allow for significant dialogue among the students, defendant, judge, attorneys, law enforcement officers, teachers, and special guests. The 90-minute presentation concludes with a dynamic testimony from a victim of a DUI crash and/or a law enforcement officer.  To schedule a "live-sentencing" a minimum of 3 months advance notice is needed in order to secure a qualified defendant.  In addition, all new hosting school sites must first participate in the Real DUI Court in Schools Program - “Virtual” .   

Real DUI Court in Schools Program – “Virtual”

(The best option for smaller groups throughout the year or while school is not in session) 


We provide all the necessary audio and visual equipment to show a pre-recorded sentencing of a 1st-time DUI offender. Students will witness the defendant’s detention, imposed fines and penalties.  Additionally, students will hear from the judge and attorneys in the case.  The 60-minute presentation concludes with a testimony from a victim of a DUI crash and/or a law enforcement officer.  The following will also be provided: information on California's Zero Tolerance Laws, a worksheet of courtroom terms and definitions,  and a certificate of attendance. Real DUI Court in Schools Program - "Virtual" is a mandatory pre-requisite for new schools hosting a “live-sentencing” assembly.  To schedule, call (916) 761-2649.

Our Programs

Real DUI Court: Live and Virtual

Quad Activities w/Fatal Vision Goggles

Student Retreats

DUI Sobriety Checkpoint Support

Parent Workshops 

Community Outreach

Our Work In Action

Take a look at the many ways we are cultivating change. These photos and videos are a true testament to the immense impact our activities have on individuals, schools and organizations. We dream of the world as a better place where everyone is concerned with making good decisions about traffic safety. Step by step, our dreams are becoming a reality.

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